Do you remember where you heard your favourite artist first? Chances are it was on the radio. While streaming services have taken over iPods, radio is still as strong as ever as the best way of finding new music. But DJ’s don’t always find every diamond in the rough, and that’s why we’ve created Marlow FM’s Up Next.

This is an exciting new platform driven by the incredible amount of talent in Marlow and the surrounding areas. We want to champion the best new artists and put our weight behind 1 special artist each month. They’ll recieve an in-depth interview with one of our in-the-know presenters, as well as their tracks being played on heavy rotation throughout the day. There’ll even be a chance to perform at some of the highest billed events all year round.

We don’t want anyone to miss this chance to kickstart their musical journey. Apply Now to submit you or your band to Up Next. We’ll then be in contact if we want you as our Up Next artist of the month. Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything for a while, we’re always keeping an eye out for our next new act.

Know an awesome singer or a band? Send them our way! We want to hear every genre and any age! No professional experience required, just a sheer love of music.