Our Artists

Read about some of our past featured artists and their inspirations. Their tracks and interviews are able to listen to below!

Christina Cameron

I started singing at a very young age but songwriting came during recovery from my eating disorder. It was my creative way of making sense of my feelings and now I have recovered, it is something I love and am pursuing as a career. My influences are Whitney, Alicia Keys & Etta James.

One World Less

We are a four-piece band based in High Wycombe who met each other through school. We have taken a wide range of influence from bands such as Royal Blood and Boy Pablo. Although we started playing together in school, we have since performed at various pubs in high Wycombe, multiple ‘Battle Of The Band’s’ and a gig in London. Since a small break during our first semester of university, we have come back with more gigs and the hope of recording our original songs which we have worked on over the past year.


KANVUS is made up of songwriter Matt Jackson-Cook and producer Andrew Hockey who bonded over a shared love of psychedelia, synthesisers and Domino’s pizza. By fusing the sensibilities of pop songwriting with the sonics of underground electronica, KANVUS have created themselves a unique concoction of pulverising drums, warping synthesizers and infectious melodies that are sure to catch the ear of both seasoned musos and chart lovers alike.